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Marta Bengoa is a senior fellow at OPEN. An economist with wide-ranging research interests that span migration, trade and foreign investment in China, Latin America

Guy de Jonquières is a senior fellow at OPEN. His current interests and research focus on international economic policy and Asia’s political economy, about which he writes and speaks regularly.

Jack Graham is a fellow at OPEN. A journalist and commentator, he specialises in the political economy of migration and early childhood development.

Iana Dreyer is a senior fellow at OPEN. A journalist, commentator, political economist and media entrepreneur, she specialises in all matters related to international trade. She also has a keen interest in broader European affairs and globalisation.

Sam Lowe is a senior fellow at OPEN and a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform. He is also co-founder of UK Trade Forum, whose mission

Rebekah Smith is a fellow at OPEN. As a migration policy consultant, she specialises in building institutions in sending, receiving and transit countries

Hosuk Lee-Makiyama is the co-founder of OPEN. He is a prominent analyst and original thinker on international trade, digitalisation,

Martyn Fitzgerald is a senior researcher at OPEN. Previously a researcher at OPEN, he has a wide variety of research experience

Philippe Legrain is the founder of OPEN. He is an independent thinker, communicator and political entrepreneur who is a passionate believer in openness.