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DW on OPEN study: Investing in refugees pays off, study finds

Martin Kübler wrote about OPEN/Tent’s refugee study for Deutsche Welle (DW) on 18 May.

Given the political backlash to Europe’s refugee situation and the “policy confusion about how best to make use of refugees,” the analysts felt “sound economic evidence and policy recommendations are needed right now,” Legrain said.

He added:

Governments should understand they are welcoming refugees for humanitarian reasons, but that these people also have a lot to contribute. “It’s in their interest and the interest of society that we put in place policies where they can contribute as quickly as possible,” said Legrain.
It’s also the best road to integration, he added, as “the workplace is a key element of integration into society. It’s how you build relationships with local people, learn the language and feel valued.”

Read the full article here.

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