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OPEN believes in breaking down barriers.

Who We Are

Open Political Economy Network (OPEN) is an international think tank whose mission is to break down barriers.

OPEN believes in being open to the world, open to everyone in society, and open to the future and all its possibilities for progress.

Recent Reports

Minority Businesses Matter: Europe

The contribution and challenges of ethnic minority businesses in Europe. Minority businesses in Europe, of which there at least 800,000, contribute at least €570 billion to the economy and employ…

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EQUIP Europe

Why an increasingly diverse Europe needs EQUality In Procurement for ethnic minority entrepreneurs. The world’s first Covid vaccine was developed by BioNTech, a German biotechnology company founded and led by…

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Minority Businesses Matter

The Contribution and Challenges of Ethnic Minority Businesses in the UK. Businesses led by ethnic-minority entrepreneurs contribute at least £74 billion a year to the UK, according to a new…

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      Are you an #LGBTQ+ entrepreneur in the UK? Then please complete a brief, anonymous survey. Our findings will highlight the huge contribution businesses like yours make, and the unique challenges LGBTQ+ #entrepreneurs face. Please RT

      It is abundantly clear that if Russia is not defeated in Ukraine, @KremlinRussia_E will attack other countries. European governments must pledge to support Ukraine for the long haul, even if the US no longer will, argues @open2progress’ @plegrain.

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